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"Dr. Matthew Clark is an intelligent, authentic, attentive professional. He expresses a deep sense of compassion for others and has remarkable ease in communicating with people. Dr. Clark's professional preparation is a rich combination of humanism, holistic health, common sense, and commitment to community well-being. As a colleague in the health community, I often seek his wisdom on a variety of topics; as a friend, I am inspired by his spontaneity, kindness, and sense of humor."

Dr. Ric Underhile

"In working with Dr. Matthew Clark, I have found him to be very professional and also timely with his correspondence back to me regarding mutual patients. The parents and kids (toddlers to teens) who I send to him always have such positive comments about him. He is truly a dedicated mental health professional who work with the goal of 'what is best for the child' as his priority."

Amy Beck, MD
Hastings Pediatrics, Hastings, MI 49508, (269) 948-7337

"Dr. Clark related to the children in such a way that he quickly gained their respect and confidence. He provided a safe setting where they could share their feelings and concerns. He gave them tools that they could understand and use when interacting with their peers. He shared Bible truths so they could hear the Word of God speaking to them in their circumstances. He laid a foundation for positive change in their relationships. They always looked forward to their time with him."

Mrs. Knott
1st and 2nd Grade Teacher
Oakdale Christian School, Grand Rapids

"Our Hero: Dr. Clark. The Important Thing About Dr. Clark is tha the listens to us and gives us advice. He helps us feel calm when we are mad...He let's us draw pictures about nightmares and islands. He lets us talk...He lets us tell him private things (We can tell our parents too.) He lets us pick prizes...He tells us God will take care of us. He makes funny faces. He makes us laugh. He's very cool. But the important thing about Dr. Clark is that he listens to us and gives us advice!"

Two Boys: E and J
from the Boys Friendship Group


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